Why Creating Killer Content is So Difficult + How to Fix That

These days, creating epic content seems to be the hardest thing to do on the planet. With short attention spans, tons of images at our fingertips, and a salesy mindset, our posts end up being image-heavy pitches with no real substance.

Here are just a few excuses we use to NOT create amazing content:

  • Someone else already wrote about this
  • I just don’t have enough time in my day
  • Nobody reads blog posts anymore
  • I’m a terrible writer
  • I care more about selling than educating
  • I have to post every day and since I can’t do that, I won’t post at all
  • I have to post every day so the posts need to be short because I don’t have time to write a thousand word blog post every day
  • I have no idea what to write about

Let me help you bust some of those myths!


Yep. There’s nothing new under the sun, right? But here’s the thing: even if someone else already wrote about it, odds are their target audience is different from yours. Perhaps you have different subscribers, different readers, or a different social media platform.

Here’s the kicker: MAYBE – just maybe – you’ll do it BETTER and have a cooler take on that same topic! What?! That’d be neat, huh? You won’t know if you never try.


I know. Trust me, I know. I’ve been there – but you don’t have to STAY there. Since I went through exactly the same time-constrained period in my life as you are right now, I created an easy method of creating weekly posts that are giant and full of amazing content and you can easily adopt the same practices! Let me share them with you.

Monday: Create post title and outline.
Tuesday: Flesh out content and add headers.
Wednesday: Add the content to a draft on the blog and format/spellcheck.
Thursday: Create post image and any other images I want to include.
Friday: Add any links I want to include in the text and plop the image in and hit publish!

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Then, over the weekend, I share the crap out of it and ask my biz besties to share it as well. This cuts down on the amount of time I’m spending in a day on building amazing content and spreads it out over the whole week so I’m not overwhelmed!


Yeah, that’s a tough one. I can sit and stare at the screen with the blinking cursor for like an hour and not come up with anything! That’s why I keep a note in my phone open at all times to quickly jot down notes as soon as I think of them throughout the day. It can be anything: I’ll be making my morning coffee and think, “Man, what a process this is.” And then I start thinking about processes, and then I think, “Wouldn’t it be nice if someone didn’t have to go through such a process to write a blog post?” and then emails like this are born! Ta-da! haha

But you get what I’m saying. Just keep a pen and paper or your notes on your phone nearby and anytime you have an idea – no matter how small or giant – write it down. Later, you can come back to it and begin creating an outline when you’re ready!

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