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How to DIY Your Blog Header (in 7 Easy Steps)

A while back, I didn’t have Photoshop. Or Illustrator. Or any sort of desktop program that might make things easy on me to design my own graphics. It was very frustrating until I found PicMonkey… at which point I realized that I would happily marry an online product because my life was suddenly SO MUCH EASIER. Looking to DIY your header image? Keep reading and I’ll tell you how to DIY your blog’s header WITHOUT Photoshop!

Step 1:
Go to PicMonkey.

Step 2:
Hover over Design and click “Custom.” Enter in the dimensions you want. Click “Make it!”

Step 3: 
Under “Basic Edits” (looks like a crop tool), make sure your canvas is transparent by clicking “Canvas Color” and then checking the “Transparent canvas” box. Click Apply or it won’t work.

Step 4:
Go to the text tool. Choose a font that speaks to you and that you can use from here out to be your brand font! (Consistency is key.)

Step 5: 
After you’ve typed in the name of your blog, decide whether you want a sub-header. (For example: Down Rainy Lane would be my blog title, then under that I’d usually type “Because everyone needs someone in their corner.”)

Step 6: 
Pick colors that go well with your brand, or choose some new ones that you’ll use from now on.

Step 7:
Once you’ve finalized the header that you love, click “Save” and title your image before saving. Hit “Save to My Computer” and you are FINISHED, my friend!

How easy was that? 7 steps to a DIY header! Comment below and show me what you made!

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