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There’s a movement sweeping the country and if you haven’t heard of it, you’ve probably been living underground. The essential oils movement is a step in the right direction: toward health, wellness, and self-care. I’m personally a fan, though I grew up with Young Living and not Doterra. Recently, I became a wellness advocate with Doterra and would like to share with you how it happened and how you can get involved too, if you want 25% off retail prices on your oils.

First of all, let’s talk about the different types of people who use oils. It’s important to know what kind of user you are so that you can get the correct membership with Doterra.

Types of Oil Users

The Oil Lover – you like using the oils, you need the oils, and you regularly order the oils. You feel no need to make money with the oils – it’s enough for you to simply use them.

The Sharer – you’re obsessed with giving oils to your friends, you purchase regularly, and you can’t stop talking about them. You ship oils to your estranged cousins, carry oils constantly in your purse, and probably use your membership to place orders for your family. You probably should be a wellness advocate because you’d make a lot of money this way – by sharing organically.

The Builder – you’re interested in building an empire (ie., making them dollahs!) by organically sharing and using the oils. You use the oils, share them naturally, and would like to see some return on your time and money investment.

Which are you? Comment below and tell me.

Types of Accounts

Wholesale accounts – these are best for the sharer and the user. You don’t need to have a team under you and are content with chilling and using your oils. (Just give me my oils and back away slowly.)

Wellness advocate – this is for the person who wants to build their empire. This is what I am because I’m interested in seeing every part of my life and business grow organically and authentically. I knew I couldn’t just be a user or a sharer, because I’m already both AND I have a business sense. This role is suited to me perfectly.

It is important to make a note here that you don’t HAVE to have a wholesale account OR be a wellness advocate to purchase oils from Doterra! 🙂 However, it’s cheaper (as in, 25% cheaper) to have a membership. From one blogger to another, it’s probably smart for you to have a membership simply for the savings.

You can read more about wholesale and wellness advocate accounts here.

Terms you should know or you’ll be hella confused

Upline – your upline is the person who helped you sign up. Your account is listed under their “team”, so they make a percentage on your sales.

Downline – you guessed it. This is your team. Anyone you sign up for Doterra, either as a wellness advocate or a wholesaler, is considered your downline.

Frontline – this is the row of people directly connected to you. For example, think of a lineage tree. There’s you, then imagine your frontline being your three closest relatives. Under each of those relatives are more relatives, etc. You get a percentage from each of these.

Things to keep in mind

To put it bluntly, you don’t get your money or your points if your team does NOT place an order worth 100 points each month. And by team, I mean each individual. It’s honestly not hard to reach that – in most cases, a dollar is worth a point. If your oil lovers, sharers, and advocates are ordering for themselves and other people each month, they only need to place $100 in an order. (Typically. Though in some instances, a dollar doesn’t quite make a point.)

How I got involved

My really good friend, Jana, created an amazing “breakup bundle” for me after I had broken up with my boyfriend for the gazillionth time in my early twenties. (You know how it is… the “We broke up” “Oh look we’re back together” “Nope still broken” “Let’s give it another shot” “That was a mistake” “Whoops we kissed” “Oh now we’re REALLY over” kind of relationship.) She included a cute skirt from Target (I still have it because seriously, it’s adorable), a handwritten letter, a clay face mask because she knows how to pamper me, and the starter kit from Doterra. I was hooked.

I used the lavender every single night on the bottoms of my feet to go to sleep. I put a couple of droplets of the lemon on a small cloth and stashed it at the back of my underwear drawer to keep my clothes smelling fresh and light. I combined the lavender with coconut oil and used it as a lotion of sorts. I slathered the peppermint on my temples when I had a headache and felt the pain dissipate. I rubbed the lemon between my palms and breathed it deeply to help me stay awake at work.

Seriously – I WAS HOOKED. It didn’t take much, honestly. And it never does. When you see the effects that oils actually have on your body, it won’t take much convincing. Oils do good things for me. I’m really excited to start building my empire.

Okay, that’s all for today! Do you have any questions?

Click here to become a wellness advocate.

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