How to Set Your Blog Apart

There is literally a sea of bloggers out there. I get all overwhelmed when I go to Passionfruit to look for new people to sponsor, and I usually end up scrolling through endless lists of similar blogs. Boring headers, cluttered sidebars, and lots and lots of dull content that they wrote just for a sponsored post. (Read: […]

Why You Shouldn’t Rush to Hit Publish

As bloggers, there can be oodles of pressure on us to just mete out articles. With an oversaturated market there is enormous demand for excessive article distribution… Whether they’re worth the substance or not. With competition from the “Full-Time 4 articles a week” blogger, for those of us whose blogs are a side hustle, the […]

Why You Need a Brand to Be a Successful Blogger

What do you think of when you hear the word “branding”? In my experience, most people think of companies like Coca Cola, Nike, Redbull, Diesel: big, well-known corporations with mass-manufactured products. But, in reality, branding applies to pretty much every business – be it a huge corporation, a local shop, a solo venture… or a […]

3 Ways to Stay Authentic Online

There are thousands upon thousands of blogs out there, all with their writers struggling to maintain their individuality and push to the front of the metaphorical line. With the blogging world becoming more and more fast-paced and all about numbers, it’s easy to lose who you really are along the way, and why you originally […]

How to Brainstorm New Blog Content

Creating new content can be really overwhelming, especially if you feel like someone else has done it better! However, it’s good to press forward and create the content, even if someone else did it, because your subscribers and readers are probably different than another blogger’s! So where do you find new content ideas? The best […]