An Update: Manifestation + Life

I’m perched at my desk as I write this, a cup of tea waiting nearby to be consumed. It’s my favorite (Stash Premium Chamomile Nights herbal tea) but I’m waiting to drink it because I know it’ll make me pass out cold. Tomorrow is Father’s Day, which has been my least favorite holiday for a long time. Growing up without a present dad can be difficult, even if there is a father figure in place, so you can imagine my resentment and irritation around all things Father’s Day. Thankfully, I now have a wonderful husband to treat on Father’s Day because he’s such a good daddy! I know he won’t read this before tomorrow, so I’ll just go ahead and tell you: I’m planning a surprise BBQ for him. I’m a little worried – not gonna lie… it’s rainy and dark out there right now and I’m really praying that it clears up!! I don’t want soggy garlic bread, please and thank you.

I went to my first retreat over the weekend. It was amazing. I felt empowered, relieved, weary, and blessed by the end of it. Having never been to one before, I went to my first with open arms and an open heart. I’m glad I did. If I hadn’t, I might’ve already known what to expect and not been so blissfully surprised at the connections and heartwarming experiences I encountered.

I honestly thought that my experience would be more doTERRA-ridden, but it was much more about the experience and the people than the actual oils themselves, although we did learn a lot about practical and emotional application. I learned a TON about manifestation, visualization, and affirmations. All the ‘ations. I have an affinity for all things ‘ation already, but I really, really enjoy visualization. I hadn’t tapped into its power until this past weekend. I spend a week journaling every single day. “What would your life be like if money was no object?” Well… how much time do you have?

Tomorrow, I get to text my upline and tell her I did it and to see what my new assignment is. I’m kind of thrilled. I also am starting a new series in Facebook groups (I’m staggering them but doing pretty much the same things in each group, so you’ll probably see them somewhere) all about the ‘ations and also about the power of a productive mindset.

Justin being home (he wrote about quitting his job here) has been a lot harder than I’d thought it would be. One morning, I had a call all scheduled and stuff and our schedules got mixed up and I was here alone with Diana so I couldn’t do the call. It was frustrating, but more than that, an eye-opener. So we got a calendar. It now sits on our fridge. Does your spouse or significant other work from home with you? Do you have any tips for me as to how to handle the schedules, routines, etc? We both are working from home now and we also have our sweet 23 month old to care for. I don’t want to ever be like, “Well, I’m the one making money, so you just gotta watch her,” but at the same time, I am the one currently making money. I just need to make sure he has time to START making money, because I KNOW how exhausting and time-consuming it is to get started.

Anyway, it’s time for me to devour my bedtime tea and hit the hay, considering that it’s 11:52. Diana JUST fell asleep… so tomorrow will be a late morning. And then the surprise BBQ! (fingers crossed)

xo, Allie

PS. I have a free Tailwind training coming up soon. Keep an eye out for that.

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